InsurTech North Wolf Pack


Industry insiders put forth the best of their den to take on InsurTech North’s Wolf Pack. InsurTech North’s Wolf Pack will put the startups through the paces and draw out the best. See which start up can show they are strong enough to run with the pack, and maybe even lead the industry forward!

Monetary prizes will be awarded to the overall winner and the startup voted people’s choice.

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Imagine heading to a critical business meeting, your Uber turns a corner and you run straight into a protest. Or perhaps you just happen to eat the wrong thing on your vacation. Now you’re stuck in your hotel room and the holiday you’ve been saving for is completely ruined. Many travellers have a horror story to share. In fact, every year more than 240 million travellers seek assistance when abroad. Yet mobile technology still fails to prevent these situations and there’s nothing to address them when they occur. Sitata provides worry-free travel. With Sitata, you will be notified about any type of travel disruption – events like a flight delay, violent protest, or even a simple transit strike. When things do go wrong, you are only a tap away from a telemedicine consultation or on-the-ground support, and soon Sitata will provide hassle-free travel insurance so you’re always covered the minute you step out your front door. Corporations use Sitata to fulfill their duty of care obligations and keep their employees safe, and vacationers keep Sitata in their pocket to ensure their holidays aren’t ruined.

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With fewer and fewer pension plans, the security of guaranteed retirement income is disappearing. Micruity empowers employers to add pension-like insurance products to their company savings plan. The middleware created and administrated by Micruity acts as a clearing house for annuity transactions by standardizing and automating the execution of contracts, clearing of data, and settlement of assets. Micruity removes the hurdle of signing long-term commitments with record keepers and insurance companies, making for a more dynamic and competitive ecosystem of pension-like insurance products. When employers add guaranteed retirement income to their company savings plan, they enjoy a more productive workforce, extra leverage hiring and managing their workforce, and can better prepare their employees for retirement.

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Owl is a modular data aggregator and analyzer for Financial Institutions to better Know their Customers. Owl’s proprietary platform builds a 360o view of customers by connecting to public and private databases and then analyzes sensitive customer data to automate customer onboardings, KYC and AML and fraud detection. All of this, on a zero-knowledge platform where only the intended party can see, store and access the data. Owl is currently backed by 2 of Canada’s top Fintech VCs as well as 4 leading institutional investors from Silicon Valley.

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Finaeo is a venture-backed insurtech building the digital fabric to connect and power the life insurance industry, globally. Finaeo connects insurance advisors, their clients and insurance carriers through an integrated marketplace to streamline the “prospect-to-policy” experience. In addition to providing advisors front-office technology, Finaeo delivers clients a “digital wallet” experience to help bridge the experience gap between carriers and policyholders. Finaeo believes that the future of advice is not “robo”, it’s “Bionic”.

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Verto’s solutions are currently being used in 8 Ontario hospital networks (30+ hospitals). Our flagship solution, RightPath, is a productivity platform for health teams to integrate and leverage important pieces of information from different systems along a patient’s journey. This allows clinicians and patients to make the right decision at the most critical times. RightPath reduces administrative burden by up to 70% for organizations; improves clinician productivity by highlighting important information and increasing patient throughput by up to 20%; and activates patients and caregivers by giving them access and control over their own health and information. RightPath provides real-time visibility into the patient’s journey on a single interface to facilitate virtualized, coordinated care, reducing the need for physical touchpoints as well as decreasing duplication and manual labour. Since its release, RightPath has reduced avoidable ER visits through innovative projects and has impacted the lives of over 250 000 patients to date. In addition to Verto’s technology solutions, the team that powers our implementations is made up of passionate health technologists and developers who use a unique co-design approach to ensure a good solution fit, client satisfaction, and improved quality of care.

Wolf Pack Archive

Left to right: 2018 Emcee Guy Fraker, Maple CEO Brett Belchetz, Nancy Miller

2018 Startup Pitch Winner

Maple enables timely and convenient access to non-emergency healthcare in a time when the Canadian healthcare system is under tremendous pressure to cope with an aging and growing population. We connect patients with physicians through an online, interactive consultation room available on web and mobile. Maple’s platform offers a variety of interaction mediums, including video and live chat, with the ability to send images and other file types to receive a diagnosis or prescription. Maple’s platform is round-the-clock with an average physician response rates of under 2 minutes, the fastest in the industry. Our solution saves patients time in having their care needs addressed and creates savings in our healthcare system by reducing avoidable ER and clinic visits.

Left to right: Nancy Miller, Jauntin' Co-founder Rain Takahashi, 2018 Emcee Guy Fraker

2018 People’s Choice Winner

JAUNTIN’ is an insurance technology company specializing in risk optimization and operating on a mobile, on-demand platform offering higher margins and lower risk to insurance companies. JAUNTIN’s platform provides an opportunity for insurance companies to jump start participation in the emerging world of insurtech by white-labeling the platform to fit within any company’s trusted brand, while enabling collection of never before available location data on customers, which can be optimized to provide competitive pricing, as well as better risk data. JAUNTIN’ allows users to be completely paperless and to turn insurance on and off with a swipe of the finger on a mobile device screen. JAUNTIN’ makes policy information, contact information and activation of policy functionality easily accessible via mobile device, reduces friction and eliminates much of the complexity involved in the traditionally lengthy, antiquated insurance purchase path.