InsurTech North Wolf Pack


Industry insiders put forth the best of their den to take on InsurTech North’s Wolf Pack. InsurTech North’s Wolf Pack will put the startups through the paces and draw out the best. See which start up can show they are strong enough to run with the pack, and maybe even lead the industry forward!

Monetary prizes will be awarded to the overall winner and the startup voted people’s choice.


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Dream Payments

Dream Payments provides cloud payments solutions that enable financial institutions and insurance companies to provide frictionless digital and mobile payment services to their end customers and business clients.  Dream is backed by leading venture and strategic investors, including Real Ventures, Fairfax, and Connecticut Innovations.  The Dream Payments Insurance Hub is a secure digital payments cloud that enables insurers to seamlessly disburse funds digitally to their customers and suppliers.  Combined with Dream’s Claims Payment API, insurance companies can now rapidly deploy capabilities to pay claims digitally and securely into the bank accounts and debit cards of their customers and vendors.


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Global Insurance Accelerator


JAUNTIN’ is an insurance technology company specializing in risk optimization and operating on a mobile, on-demand platform offering higher margins and lower risk to insurance companies. JAUNTIN’s platform provides an opportunity for insurance companies to jump start participation in the emerging world of insurtech by white-labeling the platform to fit within any company’s trusted brand, while enabling collection of never before available location data on customers, which can be optimized to provide competitive pricing, as well as better risk data. JAUNTIN’ allows users to be completely paperless and to turn insurance on and off with a swipe of the finger on a mobile device screen. JAUNTIN’ makes policy information, contact information and activation of policy functionality easily accessible via mobile device, reduces friction and eliminates much of the complexity involved in the traditionally lengthy, antiquated insurance purchase path.


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Maple enables timely and convenient access to non-emergency healthcare in a time when the Canadian healthcare system is under tremendous pressure to cope with an aging and growing population. We connect patients with physicians through an online, interactive consultation room available on web and mobile. Maple’s platform offers a variety of interaction mediums, including video and live chat, with the ability to send images and other file types to receive a diagnosis or prescription. Maple’s platform is round-the-clock with an average physician response rates of under 2 minutes, the fastest in the industry. Our solution saves patients time in having their care needs addressed and creates savings in our healthcare system by reducing avoidable ER and clinic visits.


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ProNavigator is a technology company using artificial intelligence to reinvent the customer experience and drive growth in the insurance industry.

We understand insurance; combining both technology and insurance expertise to help insurance brokerages and carriers improve the customer experience, increase sales, retention and productivity.


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Holt Fintech Accelerator


QuantumSense is an artificial intelligence company founded in Canada and successful graduate of the first quantum machine learning track of the CDL program in Toronto. It provides a top semantic search engine that works on the sentence level. This solution goes beyond the simple keyword search by encapsulating the meaning and structure of words in sentences to make efficient comparisons in meaning and search. This gives a much more accurate and faster search for ideas or text passages in documents or archives of any business smoothing the workflow and saving countless hours.

Together with the sentiment analysis this can also be used for fundamental analysis in finance to analyse unstructured data and make better predictions as well as in insurance for to automate and significantly speed up the insurance claims process for your insurance or reinsurance.