New on our virtual platform!

Get to know the insurtechs in attendance. Qualifying insurtechs* with two or more in attendance will have the option to host a virtual booth. Attendees will be able to easily view them all in one convenient location.

There is no additional cost for the Insurtech Spotlight virtual booths. Your booth will be able to host short promo videos, photos, links to social media and website etc. Your two (or more) representatives will also be linked to the virtual booth. Attendees who visit your booth can easily request a meeting.

The booths are open at all times and require no management from your team. There is also a chat box feature where questions can be posed and the conversations are public to all conference attendees. We advise setting time aside during networking breaks in our agenda which are allotted for ample communication.

InsurTech Spotlight closes on Friday, April 9. To sign up for your virtual booth once your company has purchased two tickets, or for more information, please contact Laura Viau at

*At least half of your staff involved in R&D/Innovation



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