Thursday, May 23, 2019

10:30 AM

Reality Check Workshops

The conference kicks off with four concurrent workshop sessions designed to provide insights and information to startups and others. The workshop programs will allow you to select two 45-minute sessions from the following topics:

10:30 AM

Workshop A: Understanding the P&C Industry

A P&C industry primer - this workshop is an opportunity for insurtechs and delegates to learn about the industry, the challenges and opportunities company leaders are facing, and to understand the technological needs and strategic drivers of that industry.

Sven Roehl

EVP and Head of Innovation
msg global solutions Canada
and Co-founder, Cookhouse Lab

Ryan Stein

Executive Director, Auto Insurance Policy and Innovation Research Team

10:30 AM

Workshop B: Meeting the Expectations of VCs

Understand what VCs expect and what they can do to drive your ideas, dreams and solutions forward. Understand what VCs are looking for, how they select winners and connect them with business opportunities.

Facilitator - Capital

Maor Amar

Managing Partner,
Impression Ventures

Jonathan Kalman

General Partner
Eos Venture Partners

10:30 AM

Workshop C: Understanding the Life/Health Industry

The Life/Health Workshop is a dynamic educational mini-tradeshow offering attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves into 4 Life/Health insurtech related topics and come away better informed about the industry itself and better equipped to engage incumbents in the insurtech cycle. The tradeshow will consist of the following 4 topics:

  1. Life/Health Key Products and Claims Scenarios
  2. Reinsurance – Importance and Relevance
  3. Incumbent Survey: Putting key industry learnings into practice
  4. Regulatory landscapes and pitfalls


Natalie Ho

Head of Global Marketing
& Brand eXperience

Erica Hiemstra

Assistant Vice President
Market Conduct Policy and Regulation

Damien Lapointe Nguyen

Director, New Products
RGA Life Re Canada

Michelle Miller

AVP, Product Management, Marketing Illustrations and Electronic Application
ivari Canada

Terry Sheehan

RVP Sales, Health & Insurance Industry, Canada,

10:30 AM

Workshop D: The Value Proposition of Accelerators - Focusing through OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

This fast-paced interactive workshop has room for no more than 50 people in each session. Each Insurtech will be matched up with several ""Advisors"" (i.e. carriers, other participants, etc.). The facilitators will present the OKR method, followed by each InsurTech working on their actual OKRs with their assigned Advisors. At the end of the session, each Insurtech will pitch their most pressing OKRs to the room, whereby other Insurtechs and Advisors can reach out to them after for future potential collaboration opportunities.

ITN 2023 Emcee

Jan Arp

Founding Managing Partner,
Holt Xchange

Simon Chan

Vice President, Talent, Academy
and Future of Work

11:20 AM

Workshops A-D to repeat again

12:05 PM


12:45 PM

Welcome Address

InsurTech North 2019 Emcee

Guy Fraker

Chief Innovation Officer
Insurance Thought Leadership

1:00 PM

View from the Top

The tone on the direction and appetite for innovation comes from the top. So, understanding how CEOs perceive the changing insurtech landscape is critical. Join this discussion featuring three esteemed leaders who have a bird’s-eye view on the P&C, Life/Health and wider financial industry heading into the third decade of the millennium. They will set the stage for InsurTech North 2019. You won’t want to miss it.


Jennifer Reynolds

President and CEO
Toronto Finance International


Rino D'Onofrio

Head, Canadian Insurance Business
RBC Insurance


Rowan Saunders

President and CEO
Economical Insurance

1:30 PM

Breaking the Insurtech/Incumbent Technological and Cultural Logjams 2.0

Insurtech investing is now well past the hype stage with a new sustainable approach based on partnership between incumbents and insurtechs who are now collaborating in identifying opportunities that are truly scalable that can generate sustainable revenue growth and a path to profitability. The proof is in the pudding, however. This panel will discuss the impediments the parties face during integration and solutions to breaking the logjams that stand in the way.


Neil Mitchell

CEO and President
Player's Health Cover


Dejan Mirkovic

Co-Founder and CEO
Goose Insurance Services


Louis Regimbal

Vice President,
Strategy and Innovation
SSQ Insurance


Ryan Spinner

Head of Mobility,
Liberty Mutual Canada


Jane Wang


2:15 PM

Networking Break Sponsored by XRM Tandem

2:45 PM

Wolf Pack Startup Pitch Competition

Industry insiders put forth the best of their den to take on InsurTech North’s Wolf Pack. The Wolf Pack will put the startups through their paces and draw out the best. See which startup shows they are strong enough to run with the pack, and maybe even lead the industry forward! Insurtech nominations will come from our supporting sponsors: MaRS, oneeleven, Holt Fintech Accelerator, Communitech, and Global Insurance Accelerator

Pack Leader

Keegan Iles

Partner, National Insurance
Consulting Leader,


Maor Amar

Managing Partner,
Impression Ventures


Sean Gilday

VP, Strategic Partnerships


Marc Lipman



Paul Winston

IE Advisory

4:15 PM

Expo & Marketplace Sponsored by Deloitte

5:15 PM

Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Deloitte

Friday, May 24, 2019

7:45 AM

Breakfast Sponsored by EY

8:45 AM

Build, Buy or Partner? Pros and Cons of the Decision Framework

When defining innovation, most companies have an easy time getting to the “why”, “when” or “what” but many struggle with the question of “how”: because ideation is often easy and implementation never is. Whether to Build, Buy or Partner - now that is the question and each choice comes with its own set of implications and challenges. Join this session to hear three impassioned perspectives and what drove their insurtech strategy.

Sue Britton

CEO & Founder,
Firefly Growth Inc.


Anna Foat

Director, Global Digital
Transformation Officer,
Sun Life Financial


Alice Keung

Most Recently Chief
Transformation Officer,
Economical Insurance


Peter Primdahl

VP, Emerging Business Models
Co-operators Group

9:45 AM

Scaling Without the Wheels Coming Off - A Conversation

Starting an insurtech is one thing, finding funding is another and securing incumbents to partner with is yet another step. But what happens when you succeed? What happens when you are facing exponential growth and scaling challenges? How do you cope and scale smoothly without showing cracks or failing in your deliverables and SLAs? Find out from someone who's pulled it off, Tim Attia, founder of Slice. He walks the walk.

InsurTech North 2019 Emcee

Guy Fraker

Chief Innovation Officer
Insurance Thought Leadership

Tim Attia

Slice Labs

10:15 AM

Networking Break Sponsored by The Co-operators

10:45 AM

AI in Insurance - A Discussion

AI is set to revolutionize the entire P&C and Life/Health industry food chain and society in general. This fast-paced discussion will focus on the key developments and timelines in this rapidly evolving field.


Mukul Ahuja

Partner, Strategy & Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services & Insurance Leader,
Omnia AI at Deloitte


Donna Peeples

President and Chief Customer Officer,


Abhay Raman

Chief Security Officer,
Sun Life Financial


Cameron Schuler

Chief Commercialization Officer & Vice President, Industry Innovation
Vector Institute

11:30 AM

RegTech: A case study for how to solve industry challenges through open innovation

The insurance industry has a deep culture of collaboration; working together to form best practices, discuss common issues and develop industry guidelines so why don’t we see more collaboration on the digital front? If you asked around most people would tell you that industry collaboration to build a platform is too complex, high risk and it just won’t work. Join Tonya Blackmore, CEO of Apexa, who will share a case study of how they broke through these barriers to launch an industry platform to monitor regulatory compliance of life insurance advisors across Canada. During this session Tonya will discuss how they rallied the support of the industry, kept them engaged, created a unique business model and why RegTech is ripe for more digital collaboration.

Tonya Blackmore


12:00 PM


12:45 PM

Expo & Marketplace

2:30 PM

Barbarians at the Gate

Much has been said about the threat to the insurance industry status quo emanating from the startups like speedboats, buzzing around the incumbent battleships. The real game-changing upheaval is more likely to come from huge external players with unmatched consumer reach in other industries, like alien spacecraft, who are looking to take a bite out of insurance distribution and perhaps even manufacturing from above. Enter the Barbarians!


Ron Stokes



Sridhar Manyem

Director, Industry Research and Analytics
AM Best


David Wechsler

Executive Director
Channels and Partnerships
Comcast Xfinity


Eric Weisburg

Vice President,
Research and Consulting

3:15 PM

Closing Remarks

Marilyn Horrick

MSA Research

3:30 PM

InsurTech North 2019 Ends



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